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and den - look at where we have other %--et's see where we caa pop tht up or you. we look to the northeest where we have the heavier falling rai3 there. -e will show you what is gging on there. around the i-95 beltway from 695 you, can you see heavv rain north of aberdeen and seeing heavy rain and a lot of this activity is going to contiiue to move north and west.3 that is the gennral patternn and heavyyrain you caa see andd3 certainly thereeare. it's just not stoom centers in terms of ells. the heavier rain is going to move in that direction. any rainfall, but will get toeng that lattr. the moisture cominn from the south. we do havv flood watches as far as the tornado watch. that's the flood watch, through3 and the flash-flood watch for the southern part of the eastern shore..3 ú%ntinue nto the afternoon hours and late mooniig hours, at 10:45. we have a flash-flood aach in ú%ace ffr the evening. a wind advisory in place for the eastern part oo thh eastern shore and the west side of the south with anne arunnel points south. 40 miles per hour. of the severe wwatherr we
heavy in someplaces to the south and east as well. caa it move to heeeast and west. thee ost part theebrunt of it ssays of offshore..3 you ill get the concerrs the rip currents especcally iff ou considdr the lab ore da labor d. tropical storm fiona which is on the heels of earl, aa an you see here, as 46-mile-an-hour winds and not qqite as strong as earl, it's nottclose to asú strong really as earl. and this one is expected to the steee further points east as it moves north. as can you see, the tracking indicated a bettee scenarro with regard to less of a risk to affect our weather here. 79 degrees, the inner harbor ccrrent temperature. winds areecalm and as you can see 65-degree point higher ttday so ittwill seem more humid. %-and 70 degrees in hagerstown. %-eastern shore 92 degrees there with a llt of sunshine. -our.west winds at 5 miles perú central part of the state, about 44 degrees with a south wind and further points wwst, looking at a higg temperature, 95 degrees, andda lot of sunshine thhre. as far as the day's progress, tempprature wise, 90 degrees for thh noontime t
can compare iitto this at all? if you caa, ww are going to have tt come by and say hi. see a lottof other stuff. we have kevin here with us to tell us about how he did all of this stuff. it's kind of impressiie. you said you did all of this yourself, huh? ffr example, the carpet, i did with spray paint and one thing %-the zone. even stuff as intricate andd3 small as the outlet cooers. -oo got that covered, did you have to make that or did they make that alreedy? >> actually we took a staadard outlet cooered to a business that actually wraps it. kind offlike they wrappcars. >> reporter: amazing. we come over here and all kinds3 of good memoraablia and in the photo box, you ave he time.ights going on all the how do you ffel when you you're what do you like the best about3 it should. >> it's hard to say what i like the best. i think the floor is really ppint. %->> reporter: i aw the rrst of your hooe. it's not ravens all the time in the rest of the house. when you walkkin here, how doo3 you feel? >> i feel like sports minded yoo -now, everything around you ii alllsports. %-think o
mayorr heila dixon's administration. >> it is our duty to hold our government accountable. you caa help by joining our fox 45 news waste watch. if you ee government waste. call our otllne at 41 r 06614546. go to and click >> i ccrtainly ope that my star power can bump this hearing all the way up to c-span one. >> stephen cobert on capitol hill today. committee into a comedy club on the issue of migrant workers. the personal meeical files he33 tried to submit into the congreesional record. >> you wishhamericans well, but3 you have insulted millions and >>>fox newssinterview witt iran's president. what mahmouddahmadinejad said in -ront of the unitee nations to insult a >> key evidence in the trial of three men charged with murdering former city council member ken harris. john rydell eports tonight. the case is ow focused on dna evidence. >> survvillance video shows say were involled in the murders of former councilman ken harris. it happened during a robbery at the new haven lounne. ú%t because none of the wwtnesses actually sawwthe suspects faces, dna evidence is c
. you caa get the latest on all of the elections atú >>> police are investigating after a man is found stabbed overnight. officer found a call for a cardiac arrest. when they arrived at an apartment complex they found a man stabbed ii the chest. he was pronounced dead at carroll county center. police say they enterer viewingg several people. >>> the accused of the killer of a baltimore's ost nntorious gapping is expected to pllad guilty as part of a plea deal. he illlenter the plea at an arraignment at district court today. duncan and 15 other members of the black goral guerrilla famie indicted. it will help him avoid a trial on a racketeering trial and receive a possible 5 yearr3 sentence instead. court docuuents show that duncan was dealing drugs and recruiting gang memmers while workkng fromú a city non-profit youth group. >>> coming up in the early edition, veterans serving their country. >> i worked in iraq as an aviation orddnance. >> how many of them want tookeep fighting outside of the zone. >>> emperatures starting off in a comfortable range. warmer
watch and peak here ffr central maryland until 10:00, eastern shore until 11 o'clock. you caa see the warnings still across the border inth here. dip down into the state so we this evening in the next severa3 hours to see if any of that will >> 94 in, 94 hagerstown, 79 in oakkand where the rain-cooled air as theefront approaches. it's really not going to change the temperattres much.@ we're still going tt be on the that should stay forrthe nnxtre@ several days here. tonight expect to see showers and thunderstorms possible. temperatures down to 7 deggeee. i'll have a closer look at how long thii potential severe weather will tick around and %-sticking around as well as we -et towards the weekend.3 forecast. own personalized forecast.f your iradar is is now available at go to >>> so long simoo, kara and ellen.3 hello steven and jenniffr. tax on everything you buy? that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no
the flash flood warnings that means thh water caa rise and as you have allrady saturrted ground then -úconditions. we have flood warnings back in western maryland and also n the eastern shore. the arninnss% will be until 7:45 p.m. and it looks like we are goiig to continue to deal with. that we also still have a tornado úatch until 7:00 p.m. juss alonggthe central portions of city and county untill6:15ore becauseethere's potential for instability throughout in the -úatmosphere and untii weather service has thought this is we have to watch it closely. across the area until 7:00 o'clock tornado watch until 7::0 o'clock. looking at the hd radar. we can sea we had a little bit of break. ound 1 earlyythis morning with the heavy rainfall. some folks gettiig aa much as 2 inches andd5 inches some areas up as much as 15 to 17 inches and now we have the next batch of rain moving up to chesapeake bay anddkind of taking the towards harper county and folks up there once again have to deal with heavy rain and that's not all. look down to richmond. large batth of rain what was ttopical
nortt of the beltway, you caa seeecars are moving long the northbound and southbound lanes just. if you are traveling rom whhtemarsh boulevard to the beltway, you're lookkatha 4-minutt ride with an average speed of 54 miles per hour. all will remain clear as you arn 11-minute ride with an average speed of 54 miles per hour. no problems to report on the west side, you're looking at an 11-minute ride with an average speed of 55 miles per hour.ú that's the traffic edgg report. patrice, back to you. >>> forecasters predicted hurricane earl would pass by ocean to tell us how the morring is shaping uppso ffrr we saw the wind blowing a little whiie ago, megan. >> reporter: gooddmorning,3 patrice. it really started a humid and over the past hour and evennfew minuues things ave significantly changed here in ocean city. the boardwalk ere up to 10 miles an hour upward of 15 at some points. ú%u can see the trees loongt ale %-raindrops falling on us sidews ú% this point. thoss are the major conddtions we're ffeling right now. as yoo hhard stevv say this storm issjust leaving sooth carolina ri
, because we have been so dry. -e caa handle an inch ann a 3rrdor an inch and 3 quarters even better in balt month and 2 and a 3rd inchhs of rain. lesser appeers toowrd eastern balltmore. %-there.take what we can get the heeviest rain should be concentrated toward the west because that is where the low pressure center is goong to be moving. we see t here at 11:00 a.m. toward the west and into the evening hourr, aroond the i-95 corridor. rumbles of thunder asswe get closer energy moving there. more rain tuns continues as then continues. we will get breaks as we finally see the slow move toward the north and east out of here and the high presssre begins to move ii to clear off the skies and toward wednesday it should be a dry day aaswell high temperatures, 67 degrees which is mild for the start of the day. 65 in d.c. ann 72 in salisbury. veeyywarm therr. 59 and cooler in hagersttwn. temperatures will wwrm up some today but it won't warm up as high as it should. for the eastern warmer there than everywhhre else, because here in the centrrl part of the state, we get o 72 degrees at
with bay needed this ain. >> we do. vytasshere will tell us how much we'll get. >>reporter: we caa see some season rainfall across the area as the front pushes through. model data yesterday computer model was showing light showers and more showers to the west but looks like into central maryland and seet across baltimore. a little bit of steady rain back in west manipulate sister and frederick steady rainfall and in fact zooming across the bay here and nice line of showers and lightning and few grumble of thunder to chester town and center field got ddcent rainfalllso not done into it and putting into motion and showing theeline f thunderstorms stretching through part of new jersey into delaware and then eastern can see back west of us stille more activity workinn its way -úalong i 70. that will continue to come in play throughhthe next couple hours. now we still have some activity working and aasociated with the cold frontt% that is moving to the west of us. look at the thunderstorms firinggup along the frontal boondary. those are very strong thunderstorms making their way thro
ever, but we caa stop teachers and doctorssand professionals from use it. >>reportee: as you can imagine, this hassbeen quite a struggle disabilities who are relieved that this fight is finally over. rosa is the streetest little girl. >> finally at llst. good news. >>> more good news this all this weather. >> if we could only get rid of % ttose stink bugs, huh? >> hi. we are looking at cooler temperaturrs n the that will change as we head in towards the next couple of days. we have a low-pressure system working its way up. -pthat will bring much-needed precipitation. for tonight we are looking at temperatures cooling down to right around 60 degrees. cooler in the suburbs. upper 50s here. starting toopick up a brisk normal winddat 10 to 15. cooler temmeratures in the forecast. details are coming up. >>> the baltimore book festival is back and bigger than ever. fox 45 is a mediaasponsor of the event, which is the eaat coast premiere celebration. >> more than 100 local andd celebrity authors were there. it's not just about books. there's plenty of food, vendors and activit
: the injured saleeman caa is left behind while the investigation moves forward. >> well, we are chasing with a hell top core, thahelicopter, tt way we can do something. guys, too. p> we run from theseepeople all the time. the only thing you can dd is hope and pray. >> reporter: in west baltimmre. >> and it's not getting any better. >> reporter: kathleen cairns, foxx 5 morning news. years old javon davis. he is at the city lock up. >>>>the candidates for the city% state attorney duke it out, the accusations that were flying during yesterday'' heated debate. our own. be part of the story. colonial williamsburg. >>> burger king is betting on a bigger brrakfast, while proctor and gamble is betting on something smaller roz stocks arú %--he dow falling, 120 points. the do you is now become ú%derwater ffr theeyeaa. gold soarinn on to the hhghest price ever, $2,260 announce. gold ii considered a safe haven during unsafe tiies. >>> google is launching a survey that will allow people to surf the internet on their television screen. the service is expected tt hit ú%e u.s. this fall. >>> burge
. %-northbound lanes at route 175. as we check in and take a live look in the area, you caa see just light volume, nn ddlays, though. to talk about. if you are traveling on 95 in the whitemarsh area, we're dealing with high-speed, 52 miles per hour clocking in along the southbound lanes at whitemarsh bbulevard. we do have some trouble in the city, a utility poll has ccaght fire at valley road at ciiizen lane. we're still dealing with a disabled car at parkville. ú% are looking at high speeds on ú%eebeltway as weetake a live look at harford roadd cars are moving along fine. we're lookk looking at a high f. here at liberty road, you're looking at an 11-minute ride if you're using 83 this morning, that will be wide open. %-where you're looking at a quik 5--minute ride from shawan road to the bellway. 695 to the jfx to eest fayette with a traffic light aa charles street. that's the traffic edge rreort. patrice, baak to you. >>> thank you, lauren. >>> still aaead, it looks like an important part of the ravens defense miss the season opener. what coacc harbaugh is saying about playing without lardari
where yyu can see that the caas are moving along fine, it should be an easy ride as you make your as for the est side, here is a look at liierty road, along the outer loop from 795 to 95, those of you using thh jjf to get into the city, no proollms to reporr from 695 all the way downtown t3 east fayette 3 a fox 45 iivestigation haslleges uncovered suuprisingly low graduatiin ates at several public universities. universities that receive tens ú% milliins in ssate dollars every year. jennifer gilbert explains in commencements concerns. >> i think the graduation rate that it's in.ause of the area >> reporter: jessica is a sophommreestudying journallsm, %-the university syytem ofies i3 maryland. according to system ata, the odds of graduating from cop pen state within four years are slim. that is because just 4% of caupen students graduated ffomú. 10% in 5 years and just 13% in 6 years. >> wow! i didn'' realize ii was that i knew it was low. >> reporter: to help put those figures intooperspective, 61% of university of maryland college park sttdents graduate in 4 years. yeers. >
marylanders are preparing for the worst from hurricane earl. ú% ♪ >> aad catch it. when yoo caa cure your bieber sold out to a >>> good morning. it's wednessay, september first. hurricane earl which is headed our way. it looks very calm and pretty out there right now. for the most part it will be okay for the next ccuple of days but we're going to finddwhat3 exactly we're in store for. >> good morning, i'm patrice her race. and meteorologist sttve fertig has all the answers when it comes to all the answers to hurricane earl. >>> whhn i say arrivaa, it does look like it's going to make the hurricane but the force and ocean city. things have not changed as far as the projjctioo..3 ú% far as inland, we will be looking a whole lot better for %-we will talk about that in a little bit. 76 degrees at the bus top on average. ú%wntown we're at 76 degrees. as you can see, the temperatures 79 in baltimore, 70 in hagersttwn. that's why the 72-degree average coverages things in general. sky hd radar, nother dry scan today, so we're looking good there. 95 degreessfor the temperature
signed by the 49 ers. 2006 heismann trophy winner smith is no. 3 at san francisco behind smith and caa. he was et gg here afterrthe ravens decided to go with two quarterback. >> and o's for the series win against thh yankees aad prep player of the week coming uu. >> thanks day. beautiful day today. lettus know whht the weather will tip. >>>feels lake august temperatures ecause we are in hear. here's what is going on right now. the camera bobbling a littte bit ttere. little bit out of tte south and will continue to see the win out of the souuh south west at 8 you see that temperatures 91 degrees so it has been a hot one out there much we have been in the low middle 90's for the day today. ohio. harris burg at 99 degrees. philadelphia niie degreessand salt and area of high pressure and we have tte clockwiseerotation of high front approaches from thed northwest you see the thunderstorms firing up dane v viile, highway. strong storms east of cleveland as well uu to euccid heading into pennsylvania. so looks like pennsylvania. so looks like this activity will hi. good mornining,
neee it call in an exterminator. they caa bake your home toú 120 degrees. that is hot enouuh to kill off %-megaa gillillnd, fox 45 mmrnig in an early morring shooting. pleapolice were called ust befú 130 this morning. when they arrived they fouud a man shot in the shoulder. there's nooword on his condition or a suspect in the shooting. >>> the labbrrdepartmmnt removes %-website and replace its with a more positive one. -andidate bob ehrlich concerned with a cover up.ú spending and lack luster hiring. it saii the economy was stalled. within hours that post was taken down ann replaced. the overnor o'malley says that3 on the site.shoold have never bn >> in a campaign year, ou know, there will be people that will look at every pece of news to be twisted as some sort of the -hat side of campaign they're on. you guus have anymore questions? >> the governor saas he didn't knowwabout the incident until long ater it was done. that brings us to the question of the day. with cover up allegations and a attack ads dooyou think the ton3 of the race for ggvernor is turning too negative. oor
in the trash caa, behind william's home. >> the jacket clearly is a heavy winter jacket with a hood. so i question, how is it a key piece oo evidence if no one why was it during the crime. and the video we have of the crime shows no one wearing it. >> the an's dna was founddon severallpieces -- seeeral items near the crime scene. including a mask. -hey expect to present that part -f the ase omorrow morning. when the trial resumes.ú live in downtown baltimore. keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> thank youu eith. >> baltimore city police are looking for the person that shht aaman in east baltimore last night. it happened around 10:00, at north broadway and east oliver. stomach.ound the man shot in the he wasspronounced dead at hopkins. >> police arrested thii man for a double shooting near greenmount cemetery in east baltimore. montes terrell brooks,,police arrested him 24 hours after the shooting. on monday he shot a man and woman on east presstman street. ú%e man in critical k the woman shot twice in the leg. brooks faces attempt the first-and second-degree murrer >> oman is de
we're seeing on any inside anddon the house. >> is theee anything i caa do or dd i need to call in a professional to do this? >> homeownees on their own can seallup crevasses, and making sure weatherrstripping is in calk the cre!! crevasses that cn exist. that is the best thing that the homeowners ccn do. any application of pesticides shoulddbe left to the professionals. >> eeen now, i understand trying to seal everything so they can't come back with a vengeance next year. %-they're all over there.on't >> what you need which is a vacuum. the ppeferably a shop vac. they have a foul ordere odor, sg with a shop vac, that once you collected them you can get them out of house. >> this is a daily battle. it's not just a spray once and ú%ne kind of thing. >> it's not. to keee contrrl of them and thhy come back hereafter a year. it requires consistenn applications to the aaeas where they live to reduce the numbers that make it in. >> michael, thank you. you ar have thhroughly depressed me. i don't know how i can continue with the show. a lot of people aae going to ccll you guys to help
.o at is required o build a case so that we caa arrest twattreore . ve hwerrepra cenifd fo a ire brtus6 licnd .ecoued tfrwe really put them out of business and give túanfrwl% n. now checking to see if the úuspects arerepd l% f1do h11y usewaatcr >te útimlullodni%- essgibly murder. >>> murder in wwst baltimmre úecomes the cmemy'st wen stuspe6 3 3 lede yra t ! tú>thsu ntt wral0 o'clock yesterday afternoon on baker street near braad outirue folicz n hicsuume n. s ú lowevrarbyifusiness. he was pronounccd dead at the hospmem.f. ^usú>n izú>d h.resayn nns f.gile6 % fan úlelede murder trillion of former city council memf.rrlir! thatjo t swaorta 3 yorteittdm>>d dowf. seateddtodayy 3 people are accused of killing harris bhthatnih1unobf.ryo fd laracen e.ulfrledeo hat.fayn ld take up to 5 weeks. >>> baltimore county pooice%- 6 rt 3nd mu.eo at b.fiuy -ú.e >usf sh1olic úlethatce town. thomas aathony ashley, brannon burkeh1% funyanrl. happened on route 140h1% f urickld lifn ne nva n ighl y hd rolo n . t >> they heard the police responded to the locatioleledast fl surdmo ah1rtn. i ilt.e
would be a victory. the crowd kind of small, and just waiting on their caa day, we're tweeting talk to kevin kamenetz. but we're told he will watcc more of the returns before he comes doonstairs. liie in pikesville. 10:00. thank you. ú% the rematch is now underway. governor o'malley wins the no surprises here whatsoever. ú%ren parks now joins us with the latest in this race. >> o'malley//rown he had are watching theenumbers comers in. joining s now, is governor martin o'malley himself. thank you so much for tank with us.3 now so far this race has been called, you have a comfortable victory over the democratic primary. >> i am looking forward to the fall and forward to this campaign. i believe that the people of our state have a choice, and he choice is whether we move forward or slip back. state understand that better days are ahead. and people want to move forward. >> governor there is a earlyy3 indication offpoor voter -urnout, how could that lack of interest impact the november election and what is your plan ú% improvv that interest, if you will?3 >> the real contest in term
that. but fox brass said no. you caa watch american idol when it comes back in the monnh oo january, righh here of course on fox 45. >> the ravens and jets start out late due to lightning. find out if the introducing the samsung fascinate powered by verizon. super amoled screen. six-axis 3d gaming and access to thousands of free apps. all in one ultra-thin package. you want it, we got it. the samsung fascinate. only at verizon. , skipping. >> inal look at the seven-day forecast. it looks like for tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. temperatures out around 81 degrees. fabulous day. 80 on wednessay with partly cloudy skies. thursday ew clouds roll in. thursday night. chance of showers. 79 friday.atures 78. kicking off the weekend. fabulous weekend. looking good saturday and sunday. lower 80s w plenty oo sun. jeff? >>> he ravens open the season tonight against rex and the jets. bruce cunningham joins uu with "sports unlimited" and highlights, may i add. >> oh, you know that's right. coming up on "sportssunlimited". the ravens and jets delayed by lightning. find out if that stopped the rave
picky. i now at maryland you caa't reccrd audio unless the person's consent. have to get up to speed with3 technology. if you are a public offiiial, i think you're doing a job on the stage and you have to be subject to it. p> that is one of the points that the agl you, the police say that anything you say or do can be held against you. we can use that, why shouldn't the same apply to police. why shouldn't what the police officers say be able to say and do. >> with cameras o!! in the car. you should know when a phone is open, and audio is being recorded so consent is being implied. it's a silly argument. compromise their investigation. in what way? >> you got me. i have no idea what thee're talking about. p> it seems like they want to be able to maybe something that is3 not proper nd you don't want the public to see how you do whattyou do and that is what the concern is. >> i think that the public neees is not pretty. it can be brutal and that is where the education issue and >> baltimore city police say people if they are recording them. is that goinggto stick?ú if i go out there a
repprt shopping guru todd mark says buying store brands caa cuu your grocery bills by an average ofú 30%. however a consumer shopper report reveals 811 aae rrluctant to give uppon the brande brand . >> things like that my mom forr3 me. >> repooter: onsumer staters pit 21 ssore brands against bigg name grands for staples like butter. the storeebrands bought out right 3 times. 11 times it was a tie. so store brands are a good bet. potato chip tted with lay's those aae the nice balance of real potato flavor, fat andú aad target pantry cap tut, tied >> the market pantry was ery ttmatoey, theehaines was spicier. >> it varied in qualitt. >> bumble bee chunk light tunaú was better in taste test. but owe thh whole, consumers find that store brands are worth the try. >> manufacturers stand behind their products. if you're not satisfied for any reason, you can simply brinn it back foo a refund. >> this is james andrews. >>> they're the hottest tickets in town. your first chhnce to win tickets to thh virgin mobile. >>> and the recession over? i'm megan gilliland. why researchers are aying th
to get more information qh coming up in a little bit, ttank you. >>> the viva italia concourse caas, is on ssnddy from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for more information, log on to >>> you don't se see a yuck oweh the vertical doors. it's cooler in the upper 70s instead of the 80s, hope you areeenjoying over thh weekend. it will be preetier and seesonabbe. variable wwnds 5 miles per hour. 70% relative humidity and 42.02 and rising on tte baaometer. 57 is the dew point. it's pretty dry. 57 is the temperature, a start salisburr, 53 degrees, cooler there, but not bad. hague rs towhagerstown, and thes will climb some ttday but nottas much as yesterdayy cold front pushing through is going to conninue to bring in3 cooler air arounddhigh pressure and also we're looking at -- that's a hurricane igor, of course,,which is stiil a north and east out of our way. julia is bind i behinn it but is going to stay ut to the east. wee ill stay out ann about there, it's not a concern. and then we will talk about tte warmer air as we get closer to the first dayyof autumn it arrives on wednesday at 11:09 p.m.
of this moisture steers tt the norrh as you caa see. over the yucatan peninsula and coming our way it could get some rain that will be fairlyú significant around here asú ú%%-90 degrees for the high tod. looking like a dry day with the humidity only making it ffel more oist out there. south winds at 10-15. the central part of the state the record is 95, we have had. 5790 plus days this year. and we might have the bay. that is annall time regarr --ú that 58, that is an all time record. the skies should clear, hopefully my mouth does, too. hopefully tomorrow, we have 72 on sunday. if you're headed to m&t bank staaium. 1:00 start. the ravens kickoff - i guess 77 degrees for the game timee3 ttmperature, though west inds at 5-10 and we look forwarr to the last coring. ii comes the rain, 78 and 79 for tte tuesday and, wednesday andú thursday each with a chance of showers. are the shhwers. >>> hopefully the ravens have what it takes to the beat the browns this sunday.ú %--ain.ooking forward to that fog n 83, taking a live look.f ú%ereeyou're taking a live lookk turn on the low beams iffyou
caa stories to tell how impootant it was to follow your leader and your the acts that they were engaged in, were not necessarily meaning that he was a homosexual. >> reporter: long is known for publicly denouncing homosexuality. >> this man loves his wife wiih a passion. everybody knows he loves his wife. ú% reporter: long spokesperson categoriially denies the accusations and writts in a statement, it is very unfortunate that someone has taken thisscourse of action. our law firmmwill be able to respond once attorneys have had an doe opportunity to review the lawsuit. both lawsuits seek unspecified punitive damages on counts ranging from negligence to breach of ffduciary duty. nicole collins. >> we should point out that one of these young pen was arrested for reaking into bishop long's church, stealing ipad, jewelry and other valuables from his what does that man's attorreyúú. >> eporter: the attorney did this with an accomplice.fact he said he was lashing out att3 thh bishop and trying to take things that were most ppecious to him, insinuating the material cared about.ú
friend couutney had fun, exclamation as far as the eye caa see. sabrina ays happy friiay, pull out the ravens car flags or house flags or even posters, anything raven, rocket, show it %-support our ravens purple pri. you go sabrina. >> dean says hh sees some signs that summer is over and winter ú% on its way. i work for a local lawn and shipmenttof 32 snow blowwrs the other day, niie of them already sold. people are dreading winter, but preearrng..3 if yyu have flash baaks of last3 winter and 50 inches of snow itú makes sense. she says, purple friday, let's go ravenn! >> i'm so glad we end it with kathy and not the snnw. go ravens. >>> coming up next on fox 45 morning newss the koran controversy, the book burning protest might be back3 on. the lie a pastor says he was told. %-a deal to stop a fforida3 preaaher from burning quran onú saturday may be faaling apart. he was lied to and may move ahead with his plan. >> reporter: there's a lot of confusion with this right noww3 and the pastor of that florida church hasn't decided what do. the sentiment is still clear but ttr 83 jonet
. >> hopefully it clears out of here quickly so everyone caa enjoy tteir plann. 35% oo you are saying you are changing your plans because of the hurricanee but 65% say no. >>> coming p later on fox 45 morning news. he is the taak of the mmryland state fair. >> they say that heat has been cent ♪ ♪ so let those who talk of love >>> ssay tuned ffr your chance to win tickets to justin bieber's sold out show. >>> but next, spin, dry andú drain. can cut the eed for a it's not back-to-school, it's forward to what's next with a blackberry curve, samsung reality, or lg cosmos for under $20 after rebate. >>> sure you can wwshhprewashed3 leslettucc, but in this economyu don't want to shell out the cash. we have ways to do it eas easieú it doesn't take the room as the >>> big bulkyysaladdspinners take up a lot of paceebut the spin and store says that you can pack it iih dripping, wet lettuce and spin, wet and storeú it's so easy that even kids could do it. -e ad first graders to wash the produce for us. -fter giving the lettuce a good we put it regular lettuce in the spin and store. it ha
. you caa in a fammly 4 ppck of tickets to he maryland state fair right now if you are the 10th callee at (410)481-4545. an 18 week old puppy is being credited with saaing her 9 years old owner's life. ritchie brrg is allergic o backyard he ran into a swarm of them. they started stinging him and ú%at is when pinky sprang into action. distracted thee so ricky could her direccion. sent the bees in >> pinky, you couldn't see40 she as swollen completely. she had her ears wereeactually swollen and just kind ofú sticking straight out because >> pirvegypinky really saved my. >> the family thinks that pinkyú snnifed out his allergg before the swarm struck. about anything yoo want. let us know what is on your mind %-or ffysbbcour facebook feedba? >>>live team coverage ofú -urricane earl continues. we will bring you a live updaae of hurricane conditions n ocean city. -p>>> we are tracking the storms ú%%-stay tuned we will show >>> welcome back, 6:43 on this friddy morning. and you you're taking a live look at ocean city s the surf begins to rise a little bit. we're going to see hiih sur
to the are you goiig tt get out and on that at the 7:00 our. you caa go to and tell us what you think. sound ff throogh facebook. send us a tweet at fox baltimore or text your answer to 45223, enter fox 45a for yes or fox 45b for no. >>> stay tuned for continuing coverage of the election. a politicaa analyst will eigh in all of the keyyraces and give us his picks. that is coming up later this hour. stay with fox 45 news all night. we will be live as the votes are counted and we will stay with you until the key races are decided. you can get all of the lateet innormation on the primaries and the november elections at 2010. >>> the imam hoping to build the mosque at the site of the september 11 attacks in new ork addresses mounting criticism of the plan. he says he is a muslim and a proud american. while many people question the judgment of building a mosquu and cultural center, he believes it could be good for the city ann u.s. if a baltimore county -usinessman gets his way, the plans will never get off the ground. a man who runs a non-profitú wants to j
behind hopefully laterron as this continues to wrap up, we canú make our way in closer. >> as you caa imagine the fire next door is going to bring the neighbors out to see what is going on, make sense. >>> police arrest three suspects after a sttbbing near penn station. it happened att3:30 yesterday afternoon at st. paul street. officers say a 37 years old man was walking in the area when three juveniles attacked him and tried o rob him. ú%nonlife-threatening injuuies. this incident comes over a month since the death of john hopkins researcher stephen pitcairn. hh was fatally stabbed in an attempped robbery while walling home from penn station. >>> string attacks at the uuiversiiy of maryland campus. there's been three attacks too3 students in the recent weeks. in each caseethe victims have been grabbed, beaten and robbed. the most recent cased haapened this weekend. - student was walking on har wick road near princeeon avenue at 2:00 in the morning wwhn aa3 group of ffur suspects, tackled him, beat him and robbed him. ú% ♪33 >>> the democratic candiiatee for baltimore county exe
. i hope we can continue to work on other items in the autism agenda and reauthorization of the c.a.a. law and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new jersey yields back. the gentleman from kentucky is recognized. mr. whitfield: i would like to reiterate what the gentleman has said, early detection can make the difference in the world and this legislation goes a long way in providing assistance in finding early detection. and i urge members to support this legislation. and i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from he kentucky yields back. the gentleman from new jersey is recognized. mr. pallone: i would also yield back and urge that the bill pass. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new jersey yields back the balance of his time. the question is will the house suspend the plules and pass h.r. 5746 as amended. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. in the opinion of the chair, 2/3 being in the affirmative, the rules are suspended and the bill is passed. the gentleman from georgia. >> i ask for the yeas and nays. t
of the consumer financial protection agency, comptroller of the currency -- >> sorry, that caa thing is not going to work out. >> do you have timing of any of these? >> no, i did not expect cea and consumer to be done. expiresr's tenure tomorrow. i do not have a tough one for those openings. >> did you say what the meeting would be about today? >> a series of national security issues. i do not want to get everybody nervous. it is something that the president does fairly regularly. >> in a speech on tuesday night, the president said there could be presidents -- patriots on both sides of the iraq issue. does he believe there could be patriots on both sides of health care, government spending, the like? >> sure. inherent in your question -- the president is not going to question the patriotism of people who have different views. they may have different policy views, but based on those disagreements, at least the president would not make the argument that someone is more or less patriotic based on the fact that they share his position on a policy issue. >> what about this republican game playing -- c
at foxbaltimore.coo. you caa win valuable ppizes or pick three winnersstomorrow. up or grabs, tons oo reat stuff including a slide hd flip camera. a wii gaming console andda camping prize pack. you can watch aal new comedies ttis fall here on fox 45, catch 8:00, and raising hope at 9:00 and running wilde all heee and preety ffnny stuff. >> read here. sky hd rrdar, dry right now looking very ccmmortable with tempeeatures that aae in the upper 60s to low 70s. last night e had strong gusty winds, actually and damaging winds without a lot of rain to show for it. we could have used more rain from the storms that moved through last night. things are quieter noo. we could have fog left over and showers up to the greattlakes. that is goiig to steer to the north of us it looks like a ridge of igh pressure. ttmperatures right now at the inner harboo. 72 degrees with partly cloudy -kies. winds are calm, 76% relative humidity. and holding steady on the barometer. thattmeans you will be humid anú ú%il you definitelyyffel ttat as temperatures climb into the upper 80s. it's mild already, 71 ii d.c. meanwhi
't that is what the weather service said. we could still get more, as we caa't rule out 900degrees in the daas and weeks ahead. cool and at bwi thurgood marshal airport. humidity 72% winds, too gusting up to 72 miles per hour outtof the northwest. no summer heat today. is theelovely lauren cooke fromú the traffic edge report. >> reporter: thaak you, tony. we are dealing with a new accident this morning. it's goinggto be along the southbound lanes of interstate 97 there at the beltway.3 for those of you traveling the %-interstate 70.tch out for checking and taking a live ook at liierty road, you will notice at a 13-minute ride from 795 to 95. traffic is staating to pick up along the outer loop from 955to 83, where you're look at a 16-minute ride with an afternoon speed of only 38 millssper hour. it will be slow ride on the northhast corridor of 95, from whitemarsh boulevard to the belttay, you're loo looking at e 12-minuut trip. that's the traffic edge report. -ack to you. >>> the search is on for a suspect who staabed a man and -eftthim for dead. early this morning. megan gilliiand is liv
for a chhld caa be overwhelming. christian and her husband have a >> she started crying in the past six montts. she has been going ever sinne weeks ago ruers now sh. >> repprter:ago. >> reporter: now she is a woman another run. because of that, her parents decided ooget her vaccinate the. -> reporter: some believe there's a link between vaccines and autism. p> it's gottenna lot of press and a lot of attentioo, but they are eelings have no scientific validity. ssudies that do not know a link we know now that most likely autism is genetic in origin. >> reporter: dr. timothy dore inis claire a's pediatrician. shh urgeddher family to get her3 vaccinated like he doos his %-the problem he says, while soe have no fear. >> we do not see the diseases that we saw in the past. in some ways that has harmed us, because there's no public fear illnesses that we used to see. >> reporter: there's one illness, he says that seems to ú%eep up on kids and aults ú%ike every year. this country. >> reporter: and it can be >> we average 30 to 35,000 deaths in that group every year. last year with the swine f
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the wax caa off tte top with a hht knife and then we put the %-turner and by sentrifugue cen, it comes out of the into thh bucket. >> reporter: he withhhave he honey harvest festival. tell me about the kid friendly >> we have the face painting and antennas and we will helppto make cider. it will be a lot of fun. >> reporter: ii's all free. the honey harvest festival going %-for mmre information on this, you an go at our website at ittmaa be raining it morning, but thissweekend, actually %-like, temperattre a little3 cooler, mid-to upper 60s partty sunny skies on sunday but really nice on saaurday. very fall like out there, steve. but definitely watching thh radar this morning. we still ave the showers movvng through. correct. >> reporter: watch the bees while yyu're there. showers out there. it a whale longer. take a look at thattas farras thh current conditions. thht is the mason dixon line, if you aae traveling in ttaa direction, we will have storms there. that will continue foo a whiie longer. we haa earlier in washington county and alleeheny county, too.
to knowú about. this study shows combining some of the latest technology inn3 senator, we caa finally get excellent blood sugar control avoiiing high and the loo blood sugars in a very effective way. >> how would people wwth type 1 diabetes, how do they control their diabetee now versus how ú%ey can according to this new study? >> eah. i mean right now people with multiple injections of insulin every day, monitor their blood sugar poking their fiiger. now we have a new approach with in new technology, where they wear an insulin pump, like aú small ppger on the belt, i delivers insulin ssowly and steedily all day long. ii has a censor that measuree their blood sugar every 5 minutes ffr them and commmnicates with the pump. this is a majorrbreakthrough inú getting smoother, more effective diabetes control. >> it soonds like this. talk bouu what that means in3 terms of their health and also it sounds like they will have a lot more freedom. >> yeah, i mean people with diabetts work so hard. -e just want them to lead a the things that other kids do,l other teenager do, other adults do. th
will likely learn more about the dna about the woman inside ken harris' caa the night of that murrer. the trial todaa. stayywith us foo the very latest live from the mitchell courthoose this morring, i'm megan gilliland. foo 5 morning news. -p>>> bge crews hope to have por restored to all of lilly ta lity -his morning. %-mmrning on high and ffwn stre. about 120 customers, including >>> well, fter, you know in the midst of recession after three blizzards that hhppened at one weekend,,having transformer ú%wer thaa knockssout power another ight is not the best way to sort oo continue in business. >> investigators still don't ú%ow the cauue of that ffre. ú%> a major arreet n thh fight mexico the mexican marines arr3 leased this photo of them haulinggaway l grande a top lieutenant n thh drug gang. more than 28,000 people have died since exican resident -elipe calderon launched hhss3 crackdownnon the drug carrel n >>> tte accused christmas day ú%mber is due in court todayy a trial dateecould beesst during a pretrial heaaing in theecase of abdul umar farouk abdulmuttallab. %-
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